Arcata Life Drawing Circle


Arcata Life Drawing Circle

$17.50 per hour plus tips

Models at the Arcata Drawing Circle enjoy a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere, as well as a physically comfortable setting. We are the best venue in Humboldt County for getting connected with figurative artists and developing into a skilled art model, even if you are starting from scratch. Previous modeling experience is not required; we can teach you everything you need to know, including "drawing room etiquette" and how to do dozens of poses in a very short time without being repetitive or boring. Models should possess the utmost self-confidence and an excellent body image attitude. If you have "issues" dealing with self image, body image or self confidence, consider getting those worked out before you try modeling.

If you would like to model for us, please follow these steps:

  1. Initial Contact
    Tell us who you are and why you want to model for us. Send email to
  2. Meet and Greet
    Prove that you are really interested, most initial contact never follow through. We will reply to your email with a time to us meet in the drawing room.
  3. Try-out Session
    This is a drawing session with two of our hosts, it should last about an hour and is unpaid. It comes with as much instruction as you might require. We can schedule a try-out for you during the meet and greet.

After the try-out session, we may or may not call on you to model for a paid, public session. This decision will be based on how you compare to our current list of active models, in areas such as communication, punctuality, enthusiasm, attitude, and of course your performance as a model. If no one calls right away, it doesn't mean you failed necessarily, it may just be that we have an excellent list of models who are available and eager for work.

Other Resources for Models

Here are some web sites that answer questions about art modeling better than I could. The first one has lot's of really good info that is essential to the job - I highly recommend checking it out, especially for beginners.

Figure Drawing by Steven Vander Meer